Cholestasis and Sciatica

Grateful I qualify for one of these! Invisible illnesses are the worst.

I’ve had sciatica the last few months. Which has been pretty debilitating, and humbling. However, the devil incarnate (Cholestasis aka liver disease) reared its’ ugly head again a few weeks ago. I’d been having symptoms on and off for a few weeks, so it took me a while to get around to notifying my OBGYN. I really hoped I had a food allergy (who hopes for food allergies? Ha) or was just unwell. The intense itching would come for several hours, and then disappear as quickly as it came so I was confused. I also lost my appetite and didn’t feel quite my ‘normal’ self, but put that down to typical third trimester blues, and not sleeping well. It was only when the itching woke me up at night and I thought my hands were on fire, that I knew something was wrong. 

I had blood work last week, which confirmed our suspicions of intrahepatic cholestasis. So yep, I’m classed as high risk again 👍🏾 The funny thing (to me anyway) is that my ALT, AST and Bile acid levels are all way higher than they were during my last pregnancy when I had this issue. Last time I itched like mad 24/7. This time the itch is always constant, but the severity changes depending on how hot or cold I get. Therefore, I guess the intensity/constancy of itchiness and other symptoms does not always correlate to how elevated the levels are in your blood. Weird. Here’s an infographic incase you’re unfamiliar with my condition:



 It is what it is. I’m not writing to complain. Just wanted to update everyone, so I can hopefully stop getting teary eyed or abruptly changing the subject when you inquire “how’s pregnancy going?”.   Because honestly, it’s not going great. I wish I were one of those pregnant ladies who ‘glow’, and can still run and play with their kids. Instead, I have limited mobility, I am weary, often in pain, and always itching to some degree. I’m going in for non stress tests and ultrasounds every week. My doctors are wonderful. But the medicine makes me nauseous. Baby is doing well as of today, but will be induced early. They won’t let me go past 37 weeks pregnant. I’m 32 right now. So maybe we’ll have another 4th of July baby, wouldn’t that be funny! ☺️ 

Have a great day everyone! And, if you ever hear a pregnant lady mention that she is itchy on her hands or feet, tell her to tell her doctor and get her liver checked! ICP is rare, but it’s real. Hopefully, the meds stop my bile acid levels rising, and baby stays healthy and cooking till 37 weeks. I really don’t want a NICU baby. Or a stillborn… Oh boy, the mere thought brings more tears to my eyes. Oh, and here’s my belly… I’ve gained 30lbs so far. Way better than the 60 odd pounds I gained last time. 


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