Life Update

Incase you didn’t know already, I’m pregnant. Yes. Me. Again. The one who loathes and fears pregnancy, and who once wished that her uterus had come out along with her placenta last time she gave birth… too graphic? Sorry. But I remember seriously telling people that. 

My baby belly!

So far, we have had two pleasant surprises. First, this baby was planned so I knew from day one to expect the nauseous/fatigued days of misery, BUT I haven’t had any of that at all. And two, my OBGYN, who is an angel, is really looking out for me. I’ve been going in almost every two weeks, which is a lot, yet I’ve been so grateful. No signs of life threatening illness/organ failure = Happy Tasha. So yes, besides hip pain, I’m doing surprisingly well.. Our ultrasound is this week by the way.  If baby is in the right position we will find out whether it’s a boy or a girl!

As far as diet goes, mine has changed yet again. I went from low sodium vegan to low sodium vegetarian, with meat or fish one day a week. Crazy thing is, I still haven’t had a migraine. Last migraine was maybe 6 months ago. I do feel sick if I eat processed meat/foods, and salt is still the devil because it makes my brain foggy, and my blood pressure go up.  Over time (over a year now), and much trial and error, I’ve come to learn that my diet affects the severity and frequency of my migraines and insomnia probably 90%. I still strongly endorse a plant based diet/being vegan for anyone who has health issues, but for now I’m a vegetarian. It is what it is. My pregnant body wants to eat eggs nearly everyday so I won’t deprive myself of that. 

I’m also still doing school. Always at night when my little lovelies are asleep. I love it. 

I suppose my last update is that we also got a puppy recently!

She’s not really a puppy. She’s a rescue dog from the shelter and is about 4. I love her because she is house and crate trained already, plus, she is one of the gentlest dogs I’ve ever met. We adore her. Her name is Butterscotch. 

Have a wonderful week, friends. I will try my best to blog again sooner rather than later. 


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