Beauty In Motherhood

The definition of beauty intrigues me. To some, the word conjures a landscape: maybe a wide boulevard of crisp pollarded trees. To another, perhaps the daybreak. A breach of crimson light, erupting across the horizon. To another, the sound of a beloved voice. The smell of a rose. A spouse’s face. A bite of sweet yams. Beauty, I believe, also flows from acts of kindness and integrity.

As a beautiful moment develops, it can evolve into some sort of exquisite majesty, don’t you think? Something holy. Something so rich, it’s almost tangible. Often brief, but sometimes more lasting. Today has been a day filled with a type of lasting beauty. So much so, I had to blog about it. I prayed for patience when I rolled out of bed. Pushed aside my morning chores to tickle, sing and dance with my girls. We were relaxed. We were happy. I was happy. I soaked up every smile, kissed every tear and smoothed out every frown. We ran our errands without meltdowns. The afternoon was filled with painting, glitter, and baking. It was the first time I let my 18 month old ‘help’ in the kitchen. And, you know what? The light in her eyes was effervescent and beautiful. And, by some miracle, my patience was still in tact by dinner time. That was truly a miracle.

What a feeling of peace we had today. We played and read, danced and cuddled.

Today, motherhood was synonymous with beauty.

Amidst all the madness of selling our house, summer weddings, an often gone husband, plus taking care of our kids. I am realizing I need to slow down more. No moment is more precious than the one we have now. The best part of it all, was that I still got everything done on my To-Do list. But, instead of accomplishing everything in a hurry, it was done with a calm and peace, that I hope becomes more of a constant in my life.

Happy weekend everyone!


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