Cancun Trip

Funnily enough, I didn’t leave the continental U.S. for 4 years, and suddenly I left twice in 4 weeks. We went to Cancun for my husband’s birthday/our anniversary. And, did some awesome things like this:

Oh, and my fave part was this:

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Plus, a sweet impromptu photoshoot from a hotel photographer. Hence the swimsuit attire (he came and found us while we were on the beach):

We ate delicious food, stayed at an all inclusive resort, relaxed, napped, exercised and had so much fun. Definitely, a dream vacation. What a blessing in such an idyllic part of the world. Best part of all was that we spent under $800 for the whole week’s trip (flights included *fist bump*). So, we could come home and not worry about paying the mortgage 😉

Love spending time with my Love! He travels so much, and works so hard, that I tend to see him only on weekends.

Feeling blessed. ❤


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