“Mama, I Feel Beautiful!”

A friend, while planning her Sunday school lesson, asked me earlier today “how do you think we, as women, can enjoy our lives- our womanhood- more?” Naturally, we had a little discussion. And, of course, tonight I again started thinking about that question and decided to write my thoughts. 

I believe, it boils down to how much we get in our own way. What do you think? In those daily, personal moments, we elect whether or not to progress. We elect to thrive or hinder ourselves. One of the following scenarios typically seems to happen:

A) I can’t do/be/feel……x……. because of ….y…..

B) I don’t have time to do/be/feel…x…. because of ….y…. 

Insert whatever verbs or nouns that apply to you. Some things I thought of/have heard recently have been: 

I can’t lose weight because I’m not strong enough to change my eating habits.

I can’t apply for that promotion because I’d be too embarrassed if I were turned down. 

I can’t forgive [insert name] because they should apologize to me first.

I don’t have time to do anything for me because the kids have soccer, T-ball, basketball and swim.

I  can’t ever feel confident because I hate how my fat my stomach is. 

I don’t have time to read the scriptures regularly because I’m so busy.  

Any of those apply to you? I’ve been there  fo sho. The heartbreaking thing is that all the negativity we tell ourselves, bruises us emotionally, thus impeding our ability to achieve or progress. For example, you hate how fat your stomach is, feel sorry for yourself so you go eat a big bag of chips instead of sitting down and doing ab crunches. (That was me six months ago btw.) So, back to the question: how can we enjoy our lives and womanhood more? Quit beating ourselves up. Stop getting in our own way. Tell ourselves we’re worthy, beautiful and strong, until we FINALLY  believe it; and then allow ourselves to fulfill our potential! Spiritually. Physically. Mentally. (Can you tell I’ve been watching the Biggest Loser? Ha ha. Always so inspired after that show.) 

P.s. Something amazing happened today. My 2.5 year old was dancing around in her yellow dress and suddenly exclaimed “Mama, I feel beautiful!” My eyes filled with proud mama tears, I picked her up, gave her a huge hug  and said “Yes! You are beautiful! Never let anyone convince you otherwise.” Words wasted on a 2 year old? No sir. Kids are seriously like sponges. They absorb everything. Especially the self conscious ones (like my little girl). If your self image is poor, they are going to mirror your insecurities. If your kids see that you don’t believe in yourself, they are definitely not going to believe you the day you tell them that they can (and should) achieve their dreams. 

In conclusion, back to the question, how can we enjoy our lives and womanhood more? 

We need to stop getting in our own way. Thrive. Allow ourselves to feel beautiful, and thrive. 



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