My heart is very full tonight. Humbled to have been able to get my husband back from England with his new Visa last week. Immigration laws and visas are not as exciting as they may seem.



Cross your fingers for me and my immigration interview on November 2nd 😁  

Immigration is mostly just a headache. Especially for the honest, law abiding tax paying immigrants… But that’s a discussion for another day. 

The day after he returned we went on a trip to LA. Visited with some dear friends and went to the beach, which we love. SoCal’s beaches beat NorCal’s hands down. So beach, followed by a trip to the second happiest place on earth! 


It was a dream come true. L loved meeting the princesses and Tinkerbell. She was completely awestruck. And for once, had nothing to say. 

 During the parade was the most magical, her toddler heart seemed as though it could almost burst. She was ecstatic! And I confess, it brought a tear (or two), to my eye. A very tender moment. I kind of wish I had taken pictures, but it was more important that I was present in the moment. 
H loved the live bands and music. The characters, however, were given the wary stink eye. And she took a great nap. So everyone was happy.

En finalement, yesterday, my oh my, we went to the third happiest place on earth! The Ellen Degeneres show! 
That was my dream come true. It was an awesome experience. Unfortunately, you don’t know which guests will appear the day you request tickets. So we ended seeing Kim Kardashian (ha ha ha), followed by the hilarious Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee was the saving grace. Witty. Funny. Dignified. Upbeat. I wish you could see how much they edited Kim’s chat with Ellen, especially compared to Tracee’s. It goes to show TV can portray people any way they wish! They can even make inept human beings seem coherent- and vice versa.  Crazy. 
Plus, my husband got selected to dance on the stage right next to Twitch! I wish I was allowed to have taken a picture! Tom is such a good dancer. He got a free t-shirt for it! It was an awesome experience. 

 So much happiness. My cup runneth o’er. 
Blessings to you and yours.


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