out of the mouths of babes


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My life is awesome. I teach Sunday School to the 5-6 year olds at my church every Sunday. And they crack me up. I’ve been their teacher for a few months now and here are some of my most memorable quotes and questions so far: 

Kid 1: “I fart as loud as a truck! Mrs Davies do you ever fart?” 

Kid 1:”If I become a missionary one day, I’m going to go space and teach the aliens about Jesus.”

Kid 2 (in response to Kid 1): “I don’t know if I will be a missionary. My mom says somebody needs to make a tree that grows money. So I might stay home and do that instead.”

Kid 3: “Why can boys show off their nipples but girls can’t?”

Kid 4: “Dear Father in Heaven, please bless that we can all go deer hunting with my dad. And help us catch a salmon… Or a deer would be better, because we are deer hunting. Thanks. And say hi to Jesus from me. Amen.”

Kid 3: “Teacher, did you know that real love is when old people are still friends, after knowing each till their skin goes all wrinkled? But hopefully they brushed their teeth because it would be hard to love somebody wrinkled and with no teeth.”

Me: “what are some ways that we can show our family and friends that we love them?” 

Kid 1 “not take off our shoes when our feet are stinky. That’s really mean.” 

Me (pointing to a painting of Jesus blessing some children) “Do any of you know what Jesus is doing in this picture?”

Kid 2: “He is playing rock, paper, scissors.”

 😂 I really love those kids. Have your kids said any crack ups recently? I’d love to hear them! Happy sabbath y’all. 🙂


2 thoughts on “out of the mouths of babes

  1. Janel Martinsen says:

    These are so hilarious! I just love what little kids say!I like to quote things from when my own children were little. I teach the 7 year olds in primary right now and when I was helping one boy search for a scripture, he said “You’re messing me up woman!”. You had to be there. It was so funny, because he knew he could do it himself.

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