I’m Baaack!

Life has been a whole new level of crazy recently. Lots of weddings, long car rides, tears, tantrums and laughter. Hannah can crawl. Each of us has taken turns getting sick. I stopped blogging for a while… Not because I had writer’s block. Far from it. I drafted and fleshed out 8 posts during my 2 month hiatus.  BUT I didn’t post any of them because I felt paralyzed! I felt this huge pressure from particular Facebook friends- who I barely know (or don’t talk to in real life)- that my observations on life and mothering were wrong, and that I should be more politically correct with my language. 

So, I became a Lurker. 

I still read. But, stopped sharing. Then I saw this image on social media: 

And I felt empowered as I remembered that this is my blog after all. Why on earth was I letting other people’s criticisms stop me from writing and sharing my perspective and experiences! What the heck. 

So, I’m back people! No more hiding in the shadows 🙂 stay tuned! 

P.s. Today’s bonus: Here is my husband practicing his Nigerian accent 😂


4 thoughts on “I’m Baaack!

  1. Denise says:

    First off…the bonus made me laugh out loud!!! Please don’t ever stop blogging…I love your thoughts and opinions! Love you guys…..

  2. three times a mummy says:

    I LOVE your blog!

    I am glad you’re not letting those with negative comments keep you from doing what you do well. Every one has different approaches to parenting, and as no perfect child has been raised yet, who are those people to tell you how to do it xxx

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