what type of texter are you?

Did you read Jessica Bennett’s NYTimes article When Your Punctuation Says It All (!)? She talks about how texting has led to a kind of “micro-punctuation”—like how full stops (aka ‘periods’ for my American friends), can sometimes seem aggressive, or how the absence of excessive punctuation can make it seem like something is wrong (!!!). Punctuation itself has even come to reflect one’s meaning, attitudes and tone. Bizarre? Yes. Yet, such is the world we live in #FirstWorldProbs

So, here are a few types of texters that I typically communicate with/know of. Do you fall into any of these categories? I know I do!

The Classicist. Grammar enthusiasts out there- we most likely fall into this category. Do you capitalize proper nouns and end every sentence with a period, question mark or (single!) exclamation point? We also, inadvertently, end up being the Novelists of text messages. Why stick to 140 characters when you can write a full, coherent paragraph? 😉

The Emoji-Obsessive. Emojis!!! If you’re like me, you may sometimes use the thumbs ups instead of writing “okay,” the running guy when you’re late, and the party emojis when you’re excited. But some people can type entire texts in emojis. And I take my hat off to them… Anyone else confused about what is going on here?

The never ending type-bubble… Also me. I very often pick up my phone, read the text, start typing back and then get distracted… Sorry guys. I’m really sorry. 

The K. By now, we all should definitely know that sending “K” as the reply is just about the worst reply you can send. It usually comes across as dismissive, or down right confusing.

Jekyll & Hyde texter. Friendly in text, distant in person. Or friendly in person, distant in text. Just. So. CONFUSING.

And last of all, the Master of Abbreviation. As a typical classicist, I struggle to communicate with people like this, I try, but to me, it might as well be Greek.

Gotta love technology! I know it is designed to improve efficiency of communication, but sometimes I think it hinders it. What do you think?

How do you write texts? Do you add an extra exclamation point or two? Please, share below!


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