Happy Birthday 


I can’t believe it. We made it.

She turned 2! Our little firecracker.

“Oh the irony!” I hear you exclaim. Two British expats in America, having their first child born on the 4th of July,  it’s quite funny isn’t it.

And wonderful.

As long as we continue to live in the Land of the Free, she will not only have the day off from school, but FIREWORKS on her birthday every single year.


(wishful thinking) *I may never have to throw a birthday party.*


She is probably the most confident and kind 2 year olds I’ve ever met. I’m biased- obviously- but one thing I know is that she is one of the tallest. She’s been wearing 3T (3year olds clothes) for several months already!

We wouldn’t trade this time for anything. And neither would she by the looks of things. Our tall, skinny, kind, courageous, helpful, positive and beautiful girl.

Happy birthday Lizzy-Lou! We are so proud of you.



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