Some Dad’s Don’t Suck

It was Fathers day yesterday. And, it was interesting to compare how much more flooded my social media feeds were on Mothers Day Compared to Fathers Day. On Mother’s Day it seemed that literally almost every person had something glowing to share about their mum. However, compare that to Father’s Day and the posts (although still present) were fewer and farther between. Was it the same for you?

It caused me to ponder the recent waves of feminism, the millennial spotlight on women receiving equal opportunity and pay. It made me think about WHY so many fathers, mine included, are morons. Abusive. Not present. Adulterous. Work a holics. Whatever the reason their kids don’t publicly shower them with the love they do their mothers. Why aren’t men empowered like women are in today’s world? Who really is the weaker sex? 

Who cares. 

The latter doesn’t really matter. What does matter is how do we edify individuals to break the cycle, to enable them to become both great mothers and great fathers?

It made me also think about all the valiant dads out there. All the good examples of manhood in my life. There have been so many. Many of my friend’s dads growing up, and men from church have been beyond exemplary, and, key to me not being afraid of men for the rest of my days. I felt honored thinking about my husband. His kindness, strength and courage is exactly what I want our girls to grow up seeing as a true reflection of manhood. 

Thankfully, there are good men out there. So, if you’ve got a great one, hold onto him and don’t let him go! 

Some dad’s don’t suck. Some dad’s do. What matters is how you let their choices and example affect YOU. Wow, that rhymed. Awkward. 

Questions? I would love to hear your thoughts on today’s media, do you think there’s a lack of support and honor for the modern man? I’d love to hear from you. Both those with fathers and those without. 

P.s. Happy late Fathers Day! 



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