A Sticky, Sleepless, and Soul Stretching Career 

Please excuse the radio silence. 

I was filling out some forms over the last few weeks, that asked for my current occupation. I paused for second, trying to work out whether I should write “rockstar mother”, “queen bee” or “homemaker”. I opted for homemaker as I figured that word covered all bases. I emailed the forms to my lawyer, who later returned several pages back to me to check over and sign. I noticed that on one page she had erased the word homemaker and with a capital U written ‘Unemployed [since September 2012]’. My heart sank. 

Really? That words make it seem like I’m some kind of leech on the welfare system. And if you know me at all, you know I’m anything but. 

Everything I’ve become and been doing since September 2012- (pregnancies and then choosing to stay home and raise our girls)- in this moment amounted to nothing of consequence. And how? Because it’s not like I’ve been sat here twiddling my thumbs. 

I’ve been educating my mind (as much as possible). I volunteer. I founded and ran a successful work from home business for a year. I’ve enriched the world by having two fine children (with fantastic genes I might add), of whom I am teaching to be kind, happy and wholesome human beings. I’ve been trying my best to be a better person, and wife, and simultaneously trying to be an anchor for our family. Isn’t the family still the base unit of society? Isn’t family what people hope for and love most in life? To me, Homemaker was the best word that encompassed all of that. And yet, in this small moment, I felt utterly defeated, as my lawyer seemed to be saying that I don’t have a daily occupation. Or at least not one worth mentioning in that little white box. It’s weird, but it hurt my feelings.


how does this amount to ‘unemployed’?

So, what’s my take away? 

I had to remind myself that I do matter. Everything I am doing in this phase of ‘unemployment’ is key to raising healthy, confident, happy children in this tumultuous  world of ours. Everything I am is so much more than that silly word. I’m employed on God’s errand. I’m employed in the great cause of humanity. I am in an eternal “sticky, sleepless and soul stretching career.” 

And I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

(Check out the 1 minute video on the hashtag below. It is so inspiring– whether you are a mother or not).



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