One Step In The Right Direction 

  Life in our household has been total mayhem recently. My health saga continues… so indulge me while I vent for the upcoming paragraph or two. After I recovered from gestational Liver Failure, I got not only carpal tunnel- in both wrists- but tarsal tunnel in my foot and Achilles tendinitis. I was wearing one of those black boots for 3 weeks and then two black wrist braces at night. My husband started traveling for work again. I started prepping to re-launch my work from home business. I was busy but learning to cope. Everything was swell for a few days. I went to physical therapy. I was getting back on track.

 Then my toddler became a Poop Smearer. And my world turned upside down. As in when she would do a #2, she would rip off her nappy and smear the faeces EVERYWHERE. On her Walls. Carpet. Bed. *sob* This happened almost daily for 2 weeks and yes, it was as stressful as it was repulsive. 

In fact, most days you would find me in tears as I tried reasoning with an almost 2 year old. To no avail. Have you ever tried reasoning with a toddler?! I finally threw in the towel, and potty trained her when my husband was away (not ideal doing it by myself but better than cleaning up poop everyday). At the same time, My 3 month old still couldn’t latch properly to feed, and I threw in that towel too and started her on formula. I had so much ‘Formula Guilt’ and single parenting/potty training stress flowing through my veins, I woke up two days ago and  realized I haven’t worked out in a month and I’ve gained 10lbs along the way. I’ve been eating a lot of dessert as comfort food. Which is very unlike me. But it’s been desperate times.

Besides pregnancy, I’ve never gained weight in my life. Needless to say that I’m devastated. This type of thing happens to other people, NOT me. But now here I am, slipping the elastic waist (maternity) shorts back on. 

Despite the (sometimes overwhelming) misery, there has been a lot of miracles and happiness happen and I’ve seen the silver lining to my cloud. Things like: We’ve now got 2 cars- so I’m no longer a prisoner in my own home, HOORAY! My husband is now is working from home the days he is here. My best friend is engaged and she gets married in August. My baby sleeps 4 hours at a time instead of 2. And my toddler is hecka smart. She’s exploding with vocabulary, and recognizes letters and numbers. I’m so proud of her. 

Life has ups and downs, and it’s molding me into someone more patient, compassionate and humble than my cynical side ever thought possible. God is good. 

Here’s to hoping you all have a fun filled weekend. 



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