The Last 6 Weeks

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be. Abraham Lincoln

How is your week going? Ours has been the typical tumult of laughter, tantrums and tears. Every day is crazy. I’m running on next to no sleep, making sure everyone is safe, and fed, and trying to keep inquisitive Miss E out of trouble. The days fly by, yet moment to moment seems like forever. My usually punctual self has completely lost track of both time, and the ability to shower daily.

second fave activity after running around naked, is painting

Trying to educate, play with and love on my 20 month old is pretty tricky when Our 8 week old demands to be held almost constantly. Baby Girl had/has colic, aka every parents’ nightmare. My Doctor told me to stop eating dairy to see if she is lactose intolerant like her big sister, and I guess she is, as Miss H has improved a lot since. I’ve also lost all of my baby weight, which I’m presuming is a result of this low sodium, no dairy diet. Yes, As in ALL of the freakin’ 50lbs I gained. I am officially pre-pregnancy weight. Big thumbs up to me! 

NB I have just showered in this pic

Since our last update, Miss H had her baby blessing at church which was really special. Tom’s mum flew out from Qatar and my mum and step dad flew out from Utah.

After that chaotic time of our parents visiting (too many people in too small a space), Tom flew to England for work when Hannah was 1 month old, and threw me head first into the realms of single parenting for a week. Thankfully, we all came out relatively unscathed, despite Miss E learning to  climb out of her crib, and learning to take her diaper off and smear poop everywhere…

But that’s another story. 

Potty training here we come. 

Then, we ventured to Salt Lake for a dear friend’s wedding last Friday -we flew- the traveling there and back were pretty stressful. Not gonna lie. The amount of stuff you have to drag with you, plus having to take the kids out of strollers and baby carriers for the TSA, take off, etc was exhausting. However, through it all, the last few weeks have strummed into me that happiness isn’t found; happiness is best made from the inside out. Choosing to be positive doesn’t come easily to my cynical side. But, when I overcome my nature, I really feel like I’m on a higher plane, if you will, a plane of abundant contentment and joy. And isn’t that what life is about? 

Here’s to wishing you all some happiness this week! 

Hannah’s hilarious ‘deer in headlights’ pose will hopefully start you off in the right direction 😉


3 thoughts on “The Last 6 Weeks

  1. theemrsgordon says:

    I’m about 8 weeks too late buuuuuuuuut CONGRATS!!! She is a doll! I can totally relate to everything in this post… except for the traveling lol Our baby boy will be 3 months on the 26th of this month.

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