Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Veronica Partridge a Christian blogger, recently publishing a piece about her personal decision not to wear leggings in public. Her intention, as she put it, was to keep men from looking at her lustfully. Fair play to her. Her blog, her body, her decision to make.

But, of course, her decision outraged so many readers, the article went viral, and she ended up being on Good Morning America (a tv show), due to all of the hype and criticism she received. The fact that this received so much attention bothered me, but I couldn’t figure out why, until I stumbled upon these stirring words “Sometimes, I fear that we have become so consumed with our sanitized, insulated lives, that we have all but forgotten that there are actual, literal wars being fought all over the world…”

I paused. This was why the legging debate bothered me. Not Veronica’s choice, but the fact that countless people were fuming about her decision. Why are we getting heated about wearing leggings?! C’mon people. There are better things to get emotionally invested in. Whether you wear leggings or not. And I quote:

“If we’re going to get angry, let’s get angry about things that really matter. In no particular order, here are ten things that I submit should fill up the Christian blogosphere before we consider talking about yoga pants:

“1. Fourteen million Iraqis and Syrians are in need of humanitarian aid. Almost half are children. #butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings
2. There are 379,000 children in foster care in the US. #butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings
3. 1,505,200 men, women and children have been displaced in South Sudan since December 15, 2013. #butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings
4. Malnutrition is identified as the root cause of death among 3.1 million children. #butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings
5. Almost 21 million people are victims of forced labor. 4.5 million are victims of forced sexual exploitation. #butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings
6. More than 14,000 have fled over the Nigerian border to escape attacks by Islamist extremist group Boko Haram. #butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings
7. 1.7 million children have been impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. Many displaced suffer from malnutrition and disease. #butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings
8. Up to 10,000 children have lost one or both parents or caregivers due to Ebola. #butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings
9. Over 55 million children have been aborted since Roe v. Wade. #butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings
10. 100 million Christians around the globe are under persecution, enduring physical beatings, torture and rape. #butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings”

Isn’t it funny how we can get so comfortable in our cushy First World bubbles. We turn off the news after we “ooh” and “ahh”, randomly chime in with our comments on social media about things that have nothing to do with us, and simply go on our merry way. Simultaneously ignoring real issues and people who are all around us. So many are frail, many are hurting.

So, how about we make a change? Let’s run away from petty internet arguments and invest in real life issues. Share our talents, spread some goodwill; go to bed tonight knowing that we shared our light, we helped change someone’s bubble for the better.

Or do you just want to talk about leggings?



One thought on “#butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings

  1. theemrsgordon says:

    Awesome post! I didnt catch wind of “Leggings-Gate” but your post was awesome! There is so much more to be in an uproar about than one woman’s PERSONAL decision. But what can u expect from America lol

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