Happy Birthday Hannah!

When you are pregnant the word “stillborn” is that one word you never want your Doctor to tell you is a possibility. After all the misery of my pregnancy, I didn’t think it could get much worse. But it did.

I randomly told my doctor that my hands and feet were super itchy at night, and after running some blood tests ASAP, was diagnosed with Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, at 35 weeks along. Having ICP meant that my likelihood of having a stillborn was suddenly high, because my liver was no longer tolerating pregnancy, and therefore the bile acid in my blood was high enough to block up the placenta and suffocate my baby of oxygen.

Not news you want to hear, right?

Long story short, the Doctors took great care of us. I had to go in for tests and monitoring everyday till I was 37 weeks along when they finally induced me last Friday, and our sweet Hannah was born Sunday morning.

We are so thrilled and grateful she is here alive and well!

And a side note: my liver has returned to normal. From this whole pregnancy the one thing I have learned is that your health is no joke. I’ve never been more humbled in my entire life. Here are some photos of Hannah 🙂 enjoy!





4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hannah!

  1. theemrsgordon says:

    Awwwwwwwww… she is beautiful! Our pregnancies were so similar its scary lol I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and was induced 36 weeks. Talk about scared straight! But thankfully I am back to “normal” healthwise. I am not a mommy of 3. Good luck on your new journey as a mommy of 2! Its gonna be awesome 🙂

      • theemrsgordon says:

        I said the same thing! This was my 3rd but I went through THEE MOST with him lol I am 100% sure this trilogy is the end for us. TeamGordon is complete… from my mouth to God’s ears lol

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