Holidays as an 18 month old

How was your weekend? We got back from a long weekend in LA, and did the typical Costco run to replenish our empty cupboards. Best part was that I got to ride one of those electric wheelchairs, one that beeps when you reverse. Classy- as always- with my crutch sticking out of the basket.

We also went to church as usual, and later made cookies to drop off at neighbor’s houses. Miss E has been into cooking lately. She loves being up on a chair next to us, watching us cook and trying to ‘help’.

She actually dumped all of the ingredients into the Kitchen Aid by herself. And was so proud! She’s pretty cute.


Maybe I got so many warm fuzzies inside, because I recall in my own childhood,  times when I stood on a chair next to my mum as she cooked and baked. My favourite was helping to make scones. It was our ‘thing’, and I still have a love for making scones because of those memories.

What about you? Do your kids ever give you flashbacks to your own childhood? I love it.

P.s. Lizzy last Christmas by the tree- couldn’t resist sharing!

Miss Liz as a 5 month old!

Miss Liz as a 5 month old!


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