Pregnant with Crutches: One Step At A Time

Your eyes do not deceive you.

photo 2

Indeed, the pregnancy saga continues, now with pelvic girdle pain a hip brace, and some lovely crutches! Upon first having to use them last week, I cried. Nay- sobbed. Now, however, I’m coming to terms with my situation and I am starting to find it quite hilarious. Not sure how the next 11 ish weeks will go… some days are better than others, mentally and physically. But, to quote Bilbo Baggins, I am often feeling “thin- like butter spread over too much bread.”

I love my babies, but boy does my body hate being pregnant!

Some moments are beyond excruciating. And the pain is, unfortunately, constant in some degree or another, UNLESS I’m in the swimming pool. On bad days I scooch around on my bum, or crawl around the house. Whichever feels safer.  Yes, my physical limits right now are somewhat less than I’d like… At the end of the day though, I’m grateful not to be on bed rest. Besides, there is always the possibility I could get a bit better, right?

Overall, I’m grateful for baby being healthy, kind doctors, and my stud of a husband. The Hubster is being a rock star throughout all of this madness. You really are exposed to a person’s true nature during hard times. Right now is one of those hard times, and how grateful I am to have a supportive, patient man by my side.

Here’s to our family finding joy in the journey and strength in one another! Step by step. Moment by moment.

Any and all prayers, good vibes, gift cards or foot massages you want to send my way are most welcome… actually a gift card for a foot massage would be freakin’ amazing… jk… but seriously…


6 thoughts on “Pregnant with Crutches: One Step At A Time

  1. Lisa says:

    I just can’t imagine this. If I saw you at a grocery store I’d want to make you give me your list and go sit while I did your shopping for you. This would be difficult with a first pregnancy, but adding a small child to care for at the same time? I’d be sobbing, too. The thing is though, you cried, then you pulled yourself up (by those crutches no doubt), blogged about it with humor, and keep going. Bravo to a courageous woman.

  2. paulettemotzko says:

    Be careful and God bless you and the little miracle you’re carrying around inside you!

    I hope you recover and build your strength each day.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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