When It All Melted Into Insignificance

Excuse the hiatus. Since my emergency room trip I’ve had to shuffle my business around a bit and discontinue working with one of my clients. I then went on a trip to see my mother in Utah, followed by a short vacation with my husband to Bainbridge Island in Washington. It’s been busy but wonderful.

We had the 20week ultrasound in amidst all of this and found out we are having another girl, hooray! Now all we need is to agree on a name… (Unfortunately we used the only 2 girl names we liked on our first daughter so this is proving to be quite the challenge.) Any suggestions? Feel free.

My blood pressure has stayed normal so far. Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes, they seem to be working! Plus, I haven’t had a panic attack since slowing my business down 3 weeks ago. Perhaps I really was putting too much pressure on myself. It’s hard not to because if you know me, you know that I naturally ‘go big or go home’ with whatever I’m doing. It’s hard for me to let things slide, whether that be a shower, a clean house, a client or checking things off in a certain order. I’m pretty driven.

Besides all of the above, I was involved in something lately that really knocked my pride and anxiety down flat. I can’t give you specifics as it would endanger the lady we assisted. Basically, we were able to help someone leave an abusive relationship and travel with her to the airport. We didn’t know anything but her name and situation. She was younger than me, with an 18 month old and a 3 month old. She was now a single mother, afraid and alone. My heart literally broke in two, and I wept as I watched her disappear amongst the throng- hopefully to happiness and safety. I remembered my own mother’s story, how she had to leave my abusive father, and I was so humbled by the strength that women like these have. I looked over to my husband, who despite being 6’7 is one of the gentlest men I’ve ever known. How grateful I am to be where I am. How wonderful it is that I am a daughter, wife and mother. Being a business owner and everything else melted into insignificance that day. I was quite brutally reminded of how much happiness I have in my life compared to some, and how I need to be better at serving others around me.

Feeling refreshed, happy and humble.

Bring it on life!


2 thoughts on “When It All Melted Into Insignificance

  1. Lisa says:

    When I had some difficulties in my pregnancy many years ago, a friend told me this – ‘it’s easier to give than to receive’. When my drive is driving me to stress and those feelings of falling behind, I remind myself of that. It’s okay to ask for help, but way more than that, it’s okay to let things slide and make time for yourself. If you’re not healthy and happy, your family will feel it. And the thing you did, helping that woman escape – that is so wonderful. Beyond wonderful. These days few people are willing to get involved, or if they do, it’s from a distance. You’ve done a great thing that will be remembered forever by that woman, and those aren’t the reasons you did it, which makes the act even more amazing. You’re humbled and those of us out in the internet world reading this are proud.

    • tashajonesdavies says:

      Thank you for your comment and kindness Lisa, that really made my day. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said about giving and receiving and letting things slide. Life is such a learning curve! And you’re so right, not being healthy and happy, your family do feel it. As for that lady we assisted, perhaps she will forget us in time, perhaps not. But I doubt I will ever forget her and her sweet children. Thank you.

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