Surviving Morning Sickness with Baby #2

I’m probably the worst person to talk to about the joys of pregnancy. I’m not complaining, it’s more a matter of my health and life being jeopardized rather than just feeling queasy. I am definitely not ‘glowing’ nor ‘feeling at the pinnacle of womanhood’ like many other women. With sickness, pre hypertension and a one year old to care for, it’s like I am having to find a whole new set of survival skills.

The latest addition to my pregnancy woes? Panic attacks. No joke. I mentioned it in my last post. They are quite random, and my Doctor seemed so blasé when I informed her of these “episodes”, when I suddenly couldn’t breathe, started sweating and felt faint for no apparent reason.  The first time occured after walking up the stairs. Second whilst making scrambled eggs. Third, walking from the kitchen to the car.  Skip to the most recent- getting ready for bed.

Just another curved ball my pregnant body wants to throw at me. Crazy.

So, what’s the plan to deal with it all?


Accepting Help– No more of this “thanks, but I am ok” business. If someone I trust offers to watch Elizabeth for an hour or two, so I can sleep, work or throw up in peace, by all means, take her!

images (1)

Screen Time– I usually shy away from screen time, but I am in survival mode. A second episode of Sesame Street  will not ruin Elizabeth’s chances at Yale. Temporarily getting a little extra help from Elmo and Big Bird, has recently been the difference between spending the day exhausted and unkempt, or energized enough to shower or make dinner.

unnamed (1)

Art– There is still enough artistic skill left in my from my high school days (believe it or not I used to paint), that we can colour, etch-a-sketch and paint quite successfully. My daughter loves painting, drawing with crayons is ok, but painting is the


Me Time- Is ‘me time’ a myth once you become a parent? Yes, I think so. It basically means things you always used to do before children, but now the activities are no longer convenient. Such as: showering, painting your nails, taking a dump… etc etc. However, heading up to bed earlier is enabling me to relax, ponder, read and pray. Those things really heal my soul. Currently studying the Old Testament for my personal scripture study. Which is amazing! I really love the Old Testament, plus reading it along with a study manual gives fascinating insight into the history and culture. For my own pleasure, I finished all of the Roald Dahl classics last week and decided I needed to re-acquaint myself with a dear friend, and first love, David Copperfield. At the age of 9, this book was the first book to ever make me both laugh and cry. And, David has had a special place in my heart ever since.

Any other ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Basically, I realized feeling guilty about ‘neglecting’ Lizzy or the chores is a waste of my limited energy. I’m still doing my best. I’m still having many good moments and some good days. Revising my thinking and utilizing my resources are my best bet to a happier pregnancy, hopefully less panic attacks, and a healthy family.



5 thoughts on “Surviving Morning Sickness with Baby #2

  1. Jenna says:

    Hang in there! I had to keep telling myself “this too shall pass” and at 15 weeks it finally did! ((Hugs))

  2. emilysecondverse says:

    I had fairly severe “morning” sickness with all three of my children especially the second. I definitely second your conclusions on screen time. We usually limit screen time pretty heavily But extra DVD a day for my oldest really kept me sane while I was pregnant!

    I also found that trying to take an afternoon nap every day helped with the nausea. I was most nauseous when I was even a little bit tired. I also found regular exercise to help a lot. If I could muster the willpower to go for an easy jog or dance workout – even if I was really nauseous I often found that my constant urge to throw up could be shut off by exercise. This makes sense physiologically as your parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest and digest” part of your body) goes into a sort of sleep mode when you exercise.

    Sorry you are going through this. It is the worst part of pregnancy.

    • tashajonesdavies says:

      Thank you! I really will try this. Weeks 8-16 I was so sick I could barely get off the couch/bed most days. I need to try get into an exercise routine again. Thanks for your comment and support.

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