Why Working From Home Is Both Fantastic and Terrible

I went to the bank this week to deposit a cheque. The Banker asked how my day was going, and asked if I would be going to work later in the day. “I work from home.” I told him. He smirked “Ohh, you work from home! Take a nap, send an email, put your feet up, that’s the life!” 

“Yeah something like that.” I replied through gritted teeth.


What I wanted to explain to this sweet misguided man (or chastise him with), was that working from home is actually the opposite of what he thinks it is. For me it’s sometimes more terrible than working in an office. Especially with a 13 month old child, and being pregnant on top of it.

Don’t get me wrong, working from home is wonderful. It’s flexible, I am free to put my family first, run to Costco, vacuum between calls… it works for me. However, it means (for me at least), sacrificing many evenings with my husband. It’s hard! When friends or family call to “say hi” unexpectedly, it means I cannot leisurely hang out or chat. If my daughter is in bed, I am in gung-ho mode to complete all of my tasks. It’s really not the piece of cake people imagine it to be.

Despite all of that, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m not complaining, just needed a cathartic release for my thoughts. My doctor said I need it- want to know the latest of my pregnancy woes? I’m still having insomnia plus started having panic attacks. PANIC ATTACKS. Me. Level headed, calm, rational Tasha. My OB didn’t seem flustered when I described my inexplicable “2 minute episodes” of suddenly not being able to breathe, heart racing, sweating, feeling faint. Apparently “the way [my] body responds to hormonal shifts is more dramatic”, and because I am concerned that my blood pressure is already rising (and remembering how my BP almost killed me last time), may be subconsciously causing me to have panic attacks.

I digress.

Working from home is fantastic overall, I don’t have to put my daughter in day care. I can raise her, take care of our home and help pay the bills. We are really blessed.

If you are interested in becoming a Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant, feel free to tweet me @TashaJDavies or comment below. I’m living proof it’s possible and I would love to give you tips or advice to get you started! Besides, my clients will be looking for a reliable replacement VA in the coming months…



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