What On Earth Is Happening

I’m not one for superstitions, but recently it’s as if we have had Bad Luck following us like a sly shadow.

Every time my husband goes away for work, something bad happens. Every. Single. Time. The rubbish part is that he goes away every other week or so.

Let’s use the last 3 times as examples:

Example 1:

My husband leaves for a trip. I suddenly develop insomnia and morning sickness all day sickness (I’m rarely sick so you can imagine how well I deal with this).  And to top it off, our one year old decides to hide my phone somewhere during my 3 minute shower. Post shower, I check the usual hiding places, the toilets, inside shoes, behind the couch… I then cannot find my phone for several days. Slightly stressful.

Example 2:


My husband is leaving for Boston. His taxi is due to arrive within an hour. The air conditioning unit breaks.  It’s 106 degrees (farenheit) outside and 93 inside as I was cooking chicken in the oven. Our little girls wakes up screaming and sweating. My husband tries to poke the fan with a stick as it had stopped spinning- to no avail. He leaves for the airport. I start to hate life. We then had to wait a week for a repair man to come save us. Thank goodness for great friends who let us sleep at their houses.

Example 3:

Last month, my husband goes to Europe for a week. Our garage door breaks. With me and Lizzy and the car stuck inside, already late for a dr’s appointment. Due to me being a visual learner, and my ludicrous inability to understand verbal commands clearly, the instructions to “pull the red handle down” to open the door manually, meant that I pulled it vertically. Like you do the chain on a lamp or ceiling fan. Not slightly to an angle and down, as any other person would have figured out. Just vertically. Hence, I obviously remained stuck inside the garage for about 30 minutes until my dear friend from church  came and rescued me.

So, dear reader, if you are good at fixing random things that break or know any remedies for morning sickness/insomnia- please share your wisdom with me! I will need it in a few days when he goes away again…



7 thoughts on “What On Earth Is Happening

  1. mommytrainingwheels says:

    Bleh, nausea is no joke. I generally survive my first trimester with ginger ale and chips (’cause nothing else seems to work). I’ve heard that taking some B6 vitamins help relieve nausea. There’s also an acupressure point on the wrist that works.

    As for insomnia, I struggled with it for my first trimester during this pregnancy (those darned hormones). Typically, I just had to eat something and lie back down on my right side and I’d be ok. Otherwise, I downloaded a cd off ITunes called Music for Insomnia and would plug in the headphones.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that during your husband’s next away trip nothing goes awry.

  2. Lisa says:

    Can’t help with the morning sickness: my doctor told me I was his first patient to have tendinitis in the foot from kneeling in front of the toilet so much during pregnancy. Too bad you can’t travel with your husband and let things fall apart without you. And hey, I would have done the same thing with the garage door opener! Probably doesn’t help knowing you’re not alone but you have our sympathy! Insomnia: warm milk with honey worked for me.

  3. womansworld91 says:

    Well… I’m horrible at fixing most things, but all I can say about morning sickness is that I agree… it it/was HORRIBLE! I survived with Sprite, Ginger Ale, and Saltine crackers… they didnt help much, but they were the only things that I could keep down [atleast for a couple hours]

    some moms says that saltines didnt work for them but either pretzels or animal crackers helped. You kind of have to find your own thing… Good luck with everything! 🙂

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