guest post: social media marketing & fishing

this is my m{dot}

remember last month when had guest blogger nathanael spencer writing about comic book character sentry? well a) that post did fantastically and we got some great feedback on it b) it was refreshing to share a topic from a different perspective and c) i also just loved it.

i honestly love to give you the opportunity to read something you might not normally find on this blog, a different perspective. so i’m excited to share this month’s fantastic guest blog post: 5 ways fishing improves your social media marketing by jarem atkinson.

check out the original post here.

i hope you enjoy as much as i did!


This past weekend, I had the privilege of heading out to the Uintah Mountains in Utah to go fishing, four-wheeling and camping with my family. Growing up I’ve always loved the great outdoors and there’s always been a part of me…

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