It’s “Only” Violence

As I’ve mentioned before, my father was violent. And hence I grew up having a phobia of men, which over the years dissipated for the most part. Friday night, however, we saw a movie- Divergent- which touched some sensitive nerves.


There were two things that made me walk out before the movie’s end.

1)The graphic violence of boys/men hitting girls/women.

2) The explicitly apparent abuse of a father beating his son.

I’m not saying that by watching this type of thing you’re going to go out and abuse someone, I’m saying that brutality is savage and barbaric. It desensitizes you to the horror of such behavior and to the feelings of real victims.

Why does that bother me so much? Some people roll their eyes when they find out just how strongly I feel about violence in video games and movies. I’ve heard these phrases many times, “oh Tasha” they say, “it’s only violence” or “it’s not real”. And those people don’t get it- obviously most have never felt or seen that kind of pain first hand.

If you can watch or participate in violence without flinching either 1) you’ve been beaten so much you’re past pain. or (more commonly) 2) you’ve numbed your soul to the extent where you are apathetic to other people’s suffering.

Bold statements? Yes. But I am waiting for someone to prove me wrong.

Look into your soul, and tell me that you are sensitive enough to notice those around you who are abused. Look me in the eye and tell me that when you see two people fighting that YOU are sensitive and courageous enough to break them up. Those types of people are rare nowadays.

Violence is anything but sensitivity. Violence is anything but Holy. And by absorbing it through your eyes and ears from a screen, not only makes you sadistic on some level, it makes you less able to feel the Spirit of God, and less able to care for other’s needs.

Thinking that watching violence won’t affect you is naive.

Bold? Perhaps. But I am waiting for someone to prove me wrong.

Stop saying “it’s only violence.” Turn it off. Look into your soul, and think about what is right and good. Fill you mind, heart and time with better things.

Comments? Feel free.


7 thoughts on “It’s “Only” Violence

  1. sromans67 says:

    This is a powerful article and I totally agree with you. Too many people are numb to violence and we have to change that.

  2. Margaret says:

    I can’t bear to see it. As you say, when you’ve experienced such things, you want to avoid them for ever. And make sure they aren’t a part of your own family life. Kindness and unselfishness are much happier experiences.

  3. theemrsgordon says:

    I LOVE action movies… which typically involve a lot of violence. I also grew up in a very violent home and was a victim of abuse as a child at the hands of my father. Nonetheless, I still love action movies. I am not affected by them because I realize they are fictional and they typically aren’t based on true scenarios. However, I cannot stomach violent videos such as the fight videos shared all across the world and I don’t condone violent video games (because children and troubled youth who play them are very impressionable). I do believe we are a desensitized nation because these things are so commonly seen and we are exposed to such violent things through the world wide web. If I witness violence, I am not the grab-your-phone-this-is-a-worldstar-moment type of person. I either speak up or call the police. I think we have to learn how to differentiate real from fake AND each person must know themselves well enough to know when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Some movies are TOO vulgar for me– I admit. But they haven’t numbed me… probably because its not an everyday thing for me to witness and I never participate in the sharing or promoting of violence in any respect. Sorry for the lengthy post. GREAT READ!

    • tashajonesdavies says:

      Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you can enjoy those types of films. I also like many action films but not ones that are so gruesome in their fighting scenes. I agree, differentiating the real from fake is very important. But this isn’t a general post about action films. What spurred this specifically is about how the violence in the Divergent movie was very graphic, drawn out and realistic in the fist fights/men kicking women in the head etc and it was too much for me, which is why I make my points regarding being numbed to violence etc from movies of a similar ilk. Thanks for stopping by!

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