One’s the New Two: Remembering to Swim

Well, SURPRISE! If we are Facebook or Instagram friends you’ll know our little secret by now. But as some of you are not, here you go…

IMG_2116 IMG_2117 IMG_2118IMG_2136 Lizzy's announcment

Due date February 5th.

Having photoshoots with children is somewhat like eating noodles with a spoon. It’s almost impossible. But luckily my husband managed to get a good one.

We are very happy about our news, yet I was slightly hesitant to reveal it to the world. Why? Two reasons.

1)Because I knew it would cause some people I love serious heart break that I was pregnant again, and they were not. I tried to reach out, and personally notify as many of these beloved friends as possible, but amidst the chaos of first trimester sickness- yes I have morning sickness ugh- Tom being away for 2.5 weeks, me working overtime and our air conditioning dying during the week of a 110F (43 C) heatwave, I fear there are some I may have missed.

2) Because I had such horrible pregnancy and post partum last time, announcing that I’m pregnant opened up this whole sea of insecurities in my mind. I quivered as I recalled the PPD, frustration, feeling overwhelmed, feeling guilty, and trips to the emergency room. Then I calmed myself down- I can breathe. I’m not drowning anymore.

Let’s just pray this time around we get both a healthy baby AND healthy momma. And, that if anything does go wrong, that I remember how to swim.


3 thoughts on “One’s the New Two: Remembering to Swim

  1. theemrsgordon says:

    OMG… I’m due January 2015 with Baby #3. This pregnancy has been — um, how can I say this nicely— HORRIBLE lol Prayers to you and yours hun. Hope it all works out 🙂

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