Lonely This Weekend?

We post selfies, pictures of our food, families, hopes and dreams online 24/7. 15 years ago this would have been thought of as a ridiculous past time. Who wants to see the poop smear your toddler left in the carpet? Who genuinely cares about the oh so delicious burger you’re about to devour? Who wants to see yet ONE MORE shot of your face with the exact same expression with hashtag #happy/#bored/#TGIF. It’s a bit weird to me that we typically present only one state of being, or side to ourselves online. One which in many cases reflects reality, but in some cases does not. It’s very weird to me that people (especially teenagers!) can comment all over a picture online but cannot maintain eye contact or hold a conversation in real life. It’s also weird- and spurred the hasty writing of this post- that people in my news feeds already have started posting how lonely they are/will be this weekend. Or how they don’t have any plans…


Why have we forgotten to reach out to one another, and hang out in REAL LIFE? Enough with the cryptic messages and statements of loneliness and boredom. Let’s go out and do something about it!

Is it because we don’t want to? We can’t look perfect or edit our speech in real time conversation…

Or perhaps the narcissistic qualities of our generation are true to the extent that we each believe “someone else should organize something and invite me.”

Let’s face it. That in no way is a logical thought pattern.

If you can think of someone who you want to hang out with, call them! Or at least text them if you lack the time or courage to call. Be proactive. Be excited about life. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who is out there probably thinking “I’m so lonely, I wish someone would call me.” Why not make their day?

For Gen X and Gen Y (those born between 1980 and 2000, with Baby Boomer parents), the online record of our every move means we are under constant scrutiny. I’m under scrutiny right now, from you dear reader. Many of you I know, but many of you I don’t- and either way you are likely scrutinizing my recent obsession with GIFS, whether reading this is a waste of your time, whether you agree or disagree or whether you’re guilty as charged.

Let me say one last thing about why we need to be careful about what we post online. When we go to job interviews, it’s likely those interviewing have hired their Social Media Manager (trust me, that’s part of my job), to check out your Facebook page or Instagram to see if you really are the “enthusiastic selfless leader” you claim to be or whether you’re a drunk, narcissist, partial to racial slurs etc etc…

Everything we do is becoming an online resume. A curriculum vitae of whatever we choose to upload and let the world see. Maybe let’s live a little more in the real world this weekend, and be a force for good, and let the world see that.

Let me know how you get on! Happy Friday everyone.


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