How To Stop Being Addicted To Your Phone

First step to recovery is recognition, right?

If you find yourself checking your phone first thing in the morning, every morning, you might be addicted. If you find you’re texting while driving, checking Facebook during family dinner, or taking selfies rather than working on that assignment, Social Media is interfering with your life and you are addicted. Studies have shown that people who spend more than an hour a day on Facebook are likely to be insecure, narcissistic and have low self esteem. Interestingly, phone addiction is driven by the same impulses as credit card overspending and compulsive buying (hopefully you don’t have an issue with that too). Social media is meant to connect friends, network or promote your business. It is not a place to constantly be.

How to beat your addiction:

1. Create no-phone time zones– Turn off your phone before you get home and walk in the door. Your family will appreciate the eye contact and attention. Try at first keeping your phone off for an hour, then try two. You will surprise yourself at how much can be accomplished, how many jokes told and memories made during that time.

2. Get real– When with real people, be with them. Be present. Do you know how much you tune out and miss when you’re always on your phone? No. So put it away! Many people’s main love language is quality time (including me). And not much offends us more than someone who is meant to be spending ‘quality time’ with us but isn’t really listening or participating. It sends the signal we are second in importance to that one thing/person on your phone…

3. Put your health first– Experts say that Too much information can overwhelm our senses and leave us feeling depleted. Whether you bring your work home with you, play games, or browse social media networks, little by little the hold on you increases until checking your phone seems as natural as breathing. Don’t allow technology to overwhelm you and affect your health and well being.

Choose to act not to be acted upon. Try out all 3 of these tips and see your addiction fade away.

Good luck!


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