Getting Paid to Pin, Post and Tweet


A while ago I posted the short version of how I became a Work at Home Momma. However, one avid reader, found me on Facebook and sent me the following message:

Dear Tasha, I really enjoyed your post about how to become a work at home mom. But could you maybe give me any more tips or specifics about how to do it? I have two boys under 4 and it would really take the pressure off my husband if I could bring in some money on the side.

Well, my dearest reader, I am here to answer your question and take you as far as I can.


If you want to get paid to blog, pin, post and tweet, you need to be able to prove your value: The only way you can prove this value if you have no experience is to:

1. Be talented, skilled or invest in education (see #6) . Not everyone is naturally talented where there passion lies (think of those people on X-Factor and American Idol who think they can sing but can’t). So, if you aren’t talented where your passion lies, be realistic. Know your skill set and either invest money and/or time in educating yourself. Be optimistically realistic not delusional. This is the funniest video which explains my point to a T…

2. Stop procrastinating– “I’m too old/too young/too tired…” Get over your fear or mental blocks and decide to implement positive change today.

3. Fake it till you become it. For instance, if you want to be a Social Media Manager, start today! That’s literally how I got into this whole working from home gig. I decided I wanted it and just went ahead and did it. Update your social media sites. Make a LinkedIn profile. Check out how others are doing/presenting themselves in your niche and figure out how to do it better!

4. Immerse yourself in what you want to be good at. Find your niche on Twitter, LinkedIn, Hubspot and other social media groups. Surround yourself with the experts. Read at least 2 articles a day about your chosen topic or field. Watch Youtube videos. Start blogging. Build a strong foundation for yourself. Then, if someone asks you about ‘inbound marketing’ or ‘analytics’ you know what the heck they are talking about.

5. Know what drives you. Passion or money? – Passion makes you honest, energized and thorough. Money can make you desperate if you aren’t careful.

6. Hire a Success or Business Coach– Some people think coaches are there to scam you, but they really are there to get you where you want to be. Here are 3 Amazing Coaches I know personally and highly recommend (Listed In Alphabetical Order). Click on their name to be taken to their site:

Jessica Nazarali

Joe Rapisarda

Susie Romans

People today are trying to be everywhere doing everything adequetely, instead of doing a few things really, really well. Let me give some examples, if you want to be a Virtual Assistant or Ghost Writer; you need to be confident and personable in telephone conversation, and have VERY good English skills as you will represent someone else’s business via written correspondence such as blogging or email. If you want to be a Proof Reader, Ghost Writer or Copy Editor, same goes, you need to rock at English (or whatever language you will be writing in). There’s no 2 ways about it. Recently, I took on a freelance job to fix a previous copy writer’s mistakes on several blog posts, newsletters and articles. Sadly, for whoever that person is, trying to earn an income based on typography, but they didn’t know the difference between it’s and its’. Missed a few spelling mistakes. And, forgot to condense convoluted sentences. Basically, they were either lazy or they weren’t very good at what they claimed they could do. And it got them fired.

Now then. To get yourself started, I would recommend checking out sites such as and browse and apply to both paid and unpaid positions just to get experience under your belt. You don’t need a degree to get yourself started. Just your laptop and an internet connection! If you have further questions, tweet me. I am happy to answer any other questions you may have. Tweet me @TashaJDavies

Hopefully this post helps someone! Especially the dear lady who messaged me on FB.

Love & Blessings,



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