How Krispy Kreme Staff Broke Our Donut Addiction



Doughnut fever is global but the Concord, North California based Krispy-Kreme lies at the heart, or stomach of the issue I blog about today.


My dear husband is also from England, as you know, and he has a very posh accent. The epitome of what Americans believe every Brit sounds like. Unfortunately, this accent is also incomprehensible when certain phrases are uttered. The relevant phrase I am talking about now is “Raspberry glazed donuts.” Before we proceed, understand that my husband pronounces raspberry like ‘raaah-spbry’ ˈrɑːzbəri as opposed to the American pronunciation ‘rauzzzberree’ ˈræzberi.

Click here to hear the difference if you don’t read phonetics: 


For example:

Tom: “I’d like two raspberry glazed donuts please.”

Krispy Kreme Worker (KKW): “I’m sorry sir, what?”

Tom: “I’d like two raspberry glazed donuts please.”

KKW: “Umm, I don’t think we have whatever it is you’re saying.”

Tom: Points defeatedly, “Raspberry. These things here, do you see? I want two.”

KKW: “Oh, yes sir. You mean our rauzzzberree donuts!”

*Cue eyeroll*



Now, if that exact conversation had only happened, once- maybe twice- it would be long forgotten by now. But instead, this happened week after week, month after month. With different staff members! What does this show? Besides that we frequented that place too often? Simply that some people are incompetent of understanding someone speaking their own language. Thankfully, we are here to expand their horizons with our dulcet tones.

According to the American Institute of Baking the top ten brands of doughnuts brought in $508.7 million in sales in 2009. Two years later that number was up to $563.4 million. Eventually, our contribution to that wealth dwindled as our weekly experience was so traumatizing. 

We now live much skinnier lives. For which our arteries are grateful.

Have you ever had an addiction to junk food? How did you overcome it?



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