Americans Can Be Strange

Forgive me. I need to vent. Sometimes I struggle to be friends with people because I feel like we don’t really ‘click’. I like to be friends because we genuinely like each other, not because someone is obsessed with my accent.  Ever since moving to the US, I have had rather bizarre conversations with Americans ignorant of our customs, accents and geography. Although new to the American participant, unfortunately I have had the same conversation literally hundreds of times. Take today for example:

Stranger: “Hello, I hear an accent, are you from South Africa?”

Me: “No actually, I’m from England.”

Stranger: “Ooh whereabouts? My ancestors are from England.”

Me: “Ok. I’m from West Yorkshire.”

Stranger: “I’ve never heard of it, is that near London?” 

Elicits tender feelings of love and rapport such as this…


Or this


Why? Because what if the tables were turned and that person were an American Expat in the UK. The same conversation would go like this:

Stranger: “Hello, I hear an accent, are you from South Africa?”

American“No actually, I’m from America.”

Stranger“Ooh whereabouts? I have relatives live in America.”

American: “I’m from Sacramento, California.”

Stranger: “I’ve never heard of it, is that near New York City?”

I dare say you’d think their geography preposterous. Especially if you had the same conversation day after day.

Welcome to my life.

The next comical outburst is this: when upon first meeting, it is established that they are conversing with a real life foreigner. The American participant starts to brim and quiver with joy. An insatiable joy like they’re meeting their fave celebrity from Downton Abbey. Not only that, usually an exclamation about a cup of tea or a quote from Harry Potter (mimicking ‘The British accent’, aka Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins), is randomly interjected into the conversation.

Of which scores them zero brownie points, and a reaction such as this:


And thirdly, the blokes who inquire how I feel about the Premier League never goes well…


If any of you reading this are guilty of the above, let it be known that as long as you desist these habits immediately, you will be forgiven  😉

P.s. This is not a bash on Americans. I love you all dearly.





3 thoughts on “Americans Can Be Strange

  1. wedohaveablog says:

    I moved to London from San Francisco. When locals hear that, I can expect the same comment every time, “Why would you leave the beautiful California weather and come here?” Then I get to explain how Nor Cal has a very different climate than So Cal (in fact it isn’t too different from London) and that California is a very large state.
    Happens all the time.

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