Goodbye Spiders. Goodbye Clothes.




After clearing our garden the other week, we found 4 Black Widow spiders in the garage! If you don’t know already, I am completely terrified of all kinds of insects. All of them (minus butterflies). I’m a complete Entomophobic so even that photo makes me a little shaky- goodness knows how I’d react if one of those spiders bit me… I’d probably hyperventilate and faint.Thankfully, my husband dutifully killed all of them with this wonderful poison, followed by his shoe.

Goodbye spiders.


photo (2)



On a happier note, soon I will head over to the Salvation Army to donate the following pile of clothes. Some of which I’ve been holding onto for forever. It’s a little bittersweet that I’ll never fit into some of these ever again, but that’s what happens when you have babies. So now someone else can enjoy wearing them.

photo (1)

Goodbye clothes.



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