My {Reverse} Expat Bucket List

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Inspired by a fellow expat blogger in the Netherlands, Amanda, today I’m joining with many others around the world and celebrating my expat achievements by posting a Reverse Bucket List. Not to show off, but to celebrate things we have achieved by moving abroad- mine is short and sweet, enjoy:

1. I got an education– I love that my US education allowed me to take a class, not relevant to my major at the time, which opened my eyes and led to me finding my passion and changing my degree to Speech Therapy. UK universities don’t allow you to do that without starting over completely.  byu

2. We got married in the US– as I said before, we managed a wedding, honeymoon and 3 huge receptions on the combined budget of £35k salary and a college student’s wage of $10 an hour all thanks to the exchange rate at the time  (£1=$2). IMG_3302-1

3. My husband’s job is great- he’s happy, so I’m happy. Rather than being in Sales (which he hated) he is now in Global Marketing and he even blogs about it! Click here. He has been promoted since we arrived, which was another unexpected blessing, he’s such a hard worker. Said promotion enabled 4 & 5 to happen… download

4. We had a baby– we could afford to start our family way earlier than we would have in Blighty, due to the cost of living being so much cheaper in the US.

Her very first picture

Her very first picture

5. We bought a house!- A huge accomplishment and exciting opportunity for us. We feel very blessed to have been able to buy in the Bay Area. We still can’t quite believe it’s happened. ISxnslltbifhtn1000000000

So that’s it. Not a long list, but each step has been life altering. Expat life isn’t a holiday. Far from it actually, it’s been tumultuous, emotional and down right perplexing at times, but we have found kind and welcoming people around us who have opened up their homes and heart, which made the transitions and obstacles easier to endure. Crazy as it’s been, you know what? We wouldn’t change a thing.


2 thoughts on “My {Reverse} Expat Bucket List

  1. lovemydane says:

    I’ve often thought the same thing about living in America versus Denmark. On about the same salary in Denmark, we had a drab apartment, no car, and could barely afford fruit in the supermarket. That same salary here goes so much further, and we can buy cars that would cost at least double the price in Denmark! Crazy, right?

    • tashajonesdavies says:

      Yes that is crazy! When we were in England for the 6 months before we moved to California we were the same way! Nasty tiny house that we shared with another guy, fresh fruit and veg was a rare thing & we only had a car because Tom’s job gave him one. I will love Europe forever, but the cost of living is extortionate compared to the US.

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