From My American Window

I’m rocking slowly in the rocking chair, with my sick baby asleep on my chest. I’m watching the world go by out of her window. American suburbia is just how it is in the movies.

We live in a cute quiet neighbourhood. There’s the pride of ownership everywhere. Everyone is friendly. It’s early but some kids are riding bikes and chasing a red ball in the street. They seem content.

Every now and again I see a car turning into our street and I feel frantic about whether they’re driving on the wrong side of the road. I try so hard to remember which country I’m in, and after a moment, my mind sorts itself out and my heart rate calms down.

America is being really good to us. We are grateful for the opportunities that we have been given. We are at home here.


2 thoughts on “From My American Window

  1. Lisa says:

    Hope your little one is feeling better. I remember sitting in front of a wood stove, watching the flames through the glass, with the fire the only light. In a rocking chair, feet up on the chopping block, rocking my sick baby. Outside was nothing but woods and river and owls hooting. Very different from what you saw, but that encapsulated moment, with those warm little bodies snuggled close and safe, is the same. Thanks for sharing and glad things are going well for you.

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