Davies DIY

After a lot of this:

unnamed (1)

And this: during

We’ve done this…

before 1

photo 1And this…


photo 2

photo 4

And then I saw and fell in love with this kid’s bedroom on Pinterest…

unnamed (2)

I was feeling ambitious so I went out and started painting without telling my husband…

I have done this so far…

before 3


Not bad seeming he was in China for a week, back for 4 days (wherein we moved), then he left for Europe for a fortnight. Bless his jet-lagged soul.

P.S. If you are thinking of painting a room in your house, make sure you buy one of these…


Honestly, it’s like manna from heaven. Especially for the stripes in Lizzy’s room (we have textured walls so it must work even better on non-textured). FYI, stripes for a novice home painter (like me) are very ambitious, making sure they are all level and equal ended up being a bit of a headache and took 3 days longer than I had hoped.  However, I am loving the result and I know it will be cray cray adorbs when I’m done.

Still can’t quite believe that we have this wonderful huge house (huge compared to England, considered a ‘starter home’ for Americans).

Tweet me or comment below if you have questions or want more detailed photos!


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