How To Become a Work At Home Momma

“I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I thought it could be.”

Peter Gibbons (Played by Ron Livingston; Office Space)


I like to be busy. And I’m somewhat a perfectionist about what my name is attached to. I always hated group projects in school: unless I was working with my Dream Team, I was usually irked that whatever was going on wasn’t turning out to be as great as what was in my head.

Yes, I can be a bit of a control monster.

Which is why working as a Social Media Manager has been amazing for me.

It’s one part of my life I have full control over. As life (especially motherhood), although wonderful, often seems like a never ending circle of supply and demand. Family demands, Momma supplies. You get it.

I’ve mentioned before that my pregnancy wasn’t great. I was often crazy tired and very very emotional. Obviously, I did not look for work seriously during that time so I ended up not doing much of anything besides working out and sleeping. And I was somewhat bored and upset. After delivery, my body took a turn for the worse and I was hospitalized 5 times in 12 weeks. It was awful. My baby was thriving whereas my body was shutting down. Dangerously High Blood Pressure. Abnormal tissue growth. Depression. Kidney infections. Surgery. You name it. I had it. One nurse said to me “wow, for a 23 year old, your’e having more problems than a 40 year old”.


Obviously, I got better. Then we were suddenly looking at buying a house and as I felt normal again and wanted to contribute to our family’s income and the world.

So, one evening, I was on Pinterest and happened upon a pin for  claiming that working from home is possible. I watched some of her videos, downloaded her e-book and felt really inspired. “Wow, I could stay home and work without putting our daughter in day care.” I thought. “I have to do this.”

I literally re-jigged my resume right then and there and applied to jobs that evening. Including contacting Susie herself to see whether she had any positions available. And she did! Susie is a great mentor and person. I am loving working for her.

If you are thinking of working from home, I recommend checking out her website.

The other jobs I have are thanks to word of mouth and

So there you go

How to get hired:

1. Direct contact. (Susie has some great email templates in her e-book.)

2. Word of mouth. Always a winner.

3. Websites like (paid and unpaid positions are available)

4. Act now. Why waste time? Time is money, right?

Be warned, in no way is this a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Marketing via Social Media platforms is actually a lot of work. It’s a good role for expats, parents, or those who want to use their Social Media proficiency to add value. Bring your A-game: you can rock this.

Questions? Comments? Would love to hear from ya’. Good luck!


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