Your Behaviour Is Contagious

“Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.”

Samuel Johnson (Lexicographer; Dictionary Of The English Language)

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch. As you know, particles emitted from a really ripe piece of fruit makes the others in the bowl ripen quicker.  Similarly, when one bad apple begins to go mouldy, it infects all of the surrounding healthy apples. Humans behave in a similar way.

Behaviour is contagious. As Human Beings we have an advanced system of mirror neurons in our brains. Interacting with others causes these cells to fire, both when we act and when we observe others acting. This means, whether or not we want to, if we spend enough time with someone-anyone- we will eventually start to mirror their behaviour.

What I am trying to say is this: if you want to achieve or overcome something and see success, you have to be very particular about who you let into your psyche. Do not let your (well meaning) mother, brother, colleague or friend infect you with their negativity.  You’ll  end up as miserable as them. Even dreamless, hopeless and subliminally seek to bring down others.

Thomas Edison's Optimism

Thomas Edison’s Inspiring Optimism

Recently, I made a huge decision to start working from home. I was browsing on Pinterest, came across a pin all about flex Stay at Home jobs,  made the impulsive decision to revamp my resume and applied for jobs that very evening. My Better Half was so supportive. I felt on top of the world. However, the next morning I wound up enthusiastically telling one of our neighbours about it. She’s a nice lady but she’s a  ‘the glass is half empty’ kinda girl. Sadly, after talking with her for 15 minutes, I was pessimistic and felt a bit stupid. Luckily my 6 month old distracted me and I forgot about it all. When the next morning rolled around, I not only had been accepted by 2 out of the 3 jobs I applied for, I had also been head hunted on LinkedIn!

This was taken just before I found out I was hired

Feeling shocked This was taken just after I found out I was hired

My anxiety faded into oblivion after I realized that I had let my well meaning neighbour, infect my hope with her pessimism. Just like that apple I mentioned earlier.

2 months later, I am still working as a freelance Social Media Manager.  I have 3 different companies I am working for currently, and I feel successful and happy with my choice. I love contributing to the world. My message to you is to take action: go achieve what you want without letting the bad apples around you deter you from your dreams. Travel. Apply for that job or promotion. Start that diet. Ask that secret crush on a date. Why? Because you’ll never know if you don’t try, and you only live once, right? Why not be the happiest and most fulfilled version of yourself possible.


5 thoughts on “Your Behaviour Is Contagious

  1. knockedupandfit says:

    I’m still surfing through your blog, so forgive me if I just haven’t found it yet — but I’d love to read a post on your experience as a freelance Social Media Manager. It’s something I’d really love to do as well. Kudos to you for chasing your dreams, it’s always refreshing to read somebody being positive on the internet for once!

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