Strike A Pose, Vogue.

Judge us all you want, but after being turned down by that one modelling agency last week, we submitted Elizabeth to a few others. She got called in for an interview Friday, and she got signed!


Our Sweet Girl

Please note that I don’t have that crazy I-Need-My-Child-To-Be-The-Next-Madonna/Primadonna, or another type of Donna disposition. We are doing this because she’s a cutie pie, and if she can earn some cash to save for University, then great. (Granted, I had my own era of photo shoots and modelling contracts. So, yes, I am living vicariously through her to a point, but that is honestly not the main reason we’re doing it.)

Getting to the interview itself was stressful. We almost didn’t make it as she’d had part II of her flu shot that morning, and she was a little on the cranky side. However, my better half reminded me that we’d never know if we didn’t try. So, last minute, I drove her into San Francisco, in a deluge, and miraculously found parking around the corner from the agency. For those who are not familiar with California, driving in the rain is equivalent to driving in the snow in other places.  But, I am British. Driving in rain is like riding a bike.

Of course, she’d also had a poop explosion on the way, which added to my stress level, as we were already a few minutes late and I had yet to figure out the pay-by-phone parking meter. Oh, the joys of parenthood.

And now we wait. Gerber and Huggies should be calling us in no time… Just kidding… But seriously… Fingers crossed!

Our Sweet Girl

Our Sweet Girl





9 thoughts on “Strike A Pose, Vogue.

  1. Esther says:

    Greetings from an Oregonian mom-to-be-blogger! You have a beautiful family! I think the modeling adventure you and the little babe are setting out on is so exciting, fingers crossed that it opens big doors for your family. Its great to connect with another west-coast mamma blogger!

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