Nice Is As Nice Does

I tried to be nice. In the (ironically begrimed) laundry room of our apartment complex, I was loading whites into the dryer. An old man, with wiry white hair and dimpled cheeks, was doing the same thing. He joked about how he seems to always forget a sock or a pair of undies in the washer. We laughed. He left. I felt I should check the washer he had used in case he really had left a sock. Lo and behold- HE HAD! So, naturally, in my desire to be a good Christian woman, I stopped his dryer, lovingly tossed in his sock and left.

I returned 45 minutes later to collect my dry clothes and found that poor old man rummaging through his clothes, bewildered as to why they were still wet. “Must’ve forgotten to press the start button” he sighed. “Oh dear.” I said. Unable to voice the mortified horror running through my mind.  “Wait, I’m sorry! I was trying to be nice! I stopped your machine and forgot to restart it.”

At least I tried, right?


3 thoughts on “Nice Is As Nice Does

  1. mommytrainingwheels says:

    Oh no! Kindness goes a long way (even if you forget to turn the dryer back on – that’s called mommy brain, by the way 😉 ). At the very least, it’ll make a good story for the old man to tell!

    By the way, I really love your blog. It’s so positive!

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