Ch-ch-ch- Changes!

No ExcusesIt’s time. I need to publicly commit. I never had an exercise problem pre-baby. In fact, I was an addict. However, since Lizzy was born I have found it so hard to make breakfast or shower on a daily basis- never mind workout.

My experience, was always that you can become the person you want to be, by  acting like the better person you want to become.  Par exemple, I wanted to be a marathon runner, so I started eating and running like one. Then, in 2011 I became a marathon runner. Simple. Lately, however, I haven’t the desire to aspire to much. I’ve justified that my body is, figuratively,  on loan till I stop nursing. I recently started a couple of intense exercise routines, but just burnt myself out. Despite it all, I want my abs back. And I want them now. So, when it comes to making a salad or calling the Chinese, from here on out I am going to remember what the old Healthy Tasha would do.  The hard part is going to be sticking it out.

I feel pretty pumped that I can do this! Abs are the goal. Fancy joining me? If you’re lucky I might post some workout vlog (then both you and I can burn some calories by chuckling at my terrible coordination).

If you’re still not up for this, let David Bowie convince you:


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