Drumroll Please…

As the weeks, days, and hours inched closer, I had some outlandish excitement churning around in my gut. Why? Because I had scheduled 2 job interviews for today. One for Lizzy. One for me.

Unfortunately, Lizzy is sick! Coughing, sneezing…the works. So, instead of going to her (now postponed) interview, she’s spent most of the day on my lap, like this:




She really loves the Camelback.

The second one was for me. Say hello to the Bay Area’s latest Social Media Manager! I’m going to be working for a Cancer Counseling Center, part time and from home. Yep, it’s a legit job. And yep, this decision totally came out of the blue. I actually found out about this career from this wonderful lady and her blog.

Do you know why I am excited?

  1. I’ve always wanted to work for a non profit
  2. I can’t quite believe that within a week from making this decision I got hired!
  3. I’m excited to dust the cobwebs from this rusty mind of mine

And the best part of all is that I won’t have to put Lizzy in daycare to do it. Happy day? Methinks so!






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